Advice for Parents of College Students

After 18 years of parenting, it feels hard to let go when your child finally joins college.

For most parents, their main thought is being apart while their children dream of university life. Those thoughts often persist after the daughter or son joins college and often led to unnecessary conflict. The transition can be difficult for students too, because they will be leaving the comfort of their homes and the care of their parents. Here is some advice for parents of college students that would make life exciting than ever.

Make the Memory Count Before They Leave for College

Before the students are bound for college during the summer, maximize the opportunity by organizing something big. It could be a memorable family vacation that epitomizes quality time. Even if the calendar year can’t allow for a big plan, you can squeeze little moments into your everyday lives. It includes making meals alongside each other-something that students don’t find for back in college. If possible, you can take selfies or photos to remember the moments during college days.

Prepare Them for the Basics

If it is the first time in college, students find it difficult to do basic things like paying bills, managing money, and living with strangers. For introverts, it could be unbearable because they would tend to keep much to themselves and find life boring in college. It is also the responsibility of parents to check the school rules and guidelines and advise as appropriate. They need to know what is prohibited in college and how they can manage their budget and stay on track.

Get Prepared for “I Can’t Do This†Moments

A time comes when things happen unexpectedly, such as low grades that weren’t expected. Sometimes, a new friend who turned out to be unfriend because things can turn for the worst in a moment. The list is so long. While students still struggle to live independently, parents should also expect the “I can’t do this calls†any time. Remember, you are still a parent regardless of the distance; therefore, you should offer them a shoulder to cry on during those hard times.

Set Up Some Time for Live Charts

Once parents get used to seeing that phase from time-to-time, it is harder to lose touch. Fortunately, technology has made things better because you can chart thesis maker live regardless of the distance. You can grab the opportunity once a week and communicate via Skype because it relives the homesickness and reassures them of your love.

There Will Be Long Periods of Silence

For most parents, failure to communicate frequently could mean their child no longer cares about them. However, that is not true because students often become so busy and can call home rarely. Remember, sometimes no news is good news. So resist the urge to call five times a day when they decide to go quiet for a while. Besides, you should encourage them to see the professors for their academics, but never call the instructors to inquire about their performance. Unless, the instructors choose to call, never panic too soon.