Is College Education In Line With The Job Market?

Education refers to the process of systematic knowledge acquisition.

In many instances, it has to take place in school, university or colleges. Real education has its facets pointed beyond the acquisition of digress and certification. It has to entail moral values acquisition, development of positive thinking habits as well as the ability to give back to the society.

Education and Job Requirements

Since time immemorial, scholars have been able to use education as a powerful tool used to change the way people perceive things. It has been used to change the world in many ways. Learning has been used as a tool to empower people in the job market and in real-life situations. The current education is in line with the job market because the knowledge and skills imparted are directly necessary in the place of work.

It is imperative to note that college education is in line with the job market. There are many benefits of earning a college degree, one of which is the employment purposes. Many employers will ask you about your level of education before employing someone. Therefore, you must acquire that degree that will place you in a better bargaining position when seeking employment.

College education is indeed in line with the job market. Many institutions of higher learning inculcate the necessary knowledge and skills that will be vital when working in a particular sector. A banker, for instance, will be required to pursue a course in finance, banking, and economics, and so on. The training will ensure that the person attains the necessary knowledge and skills that will see to it that they are relevant in their work environment. An employer seeking to recruit a banker, will, therefore, require that you have that training in college. This will reduce their cost of raining you as an intern.

Education remains one of the significant determinants of the wages and salaries that an individual will pocket. According to the American Community Survey, it was established that college graduates earned about 76% more than high school graduates. This implies that a college degree is a tool that employers use to determine one’s earnings.

Education as a Waste of Resources

Some of the college education does not conform to the job market. Some theories learned in class are not directly applied in the daily activities. Some students pursue a course with many units that will never be used in class. Several subjects learned in class do not have any application in the job market. There are many instances where students learn different courses but end up practicing something utterly new in the market. Such scenarios demonstrate a total waste of the student time together with other resources such as finances.

help with essays Education is not just about learning the many books and varied disciplines such as math and physics. It entails utilizing the acquired knowledge and skills to positively impact a change in one’s everyday life. It is essential to study the books to be relevant in the job market since the acquired skills are used in the place of work to perform the assigned tasks.