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MBA (Master Business Administration) is handled by a student who is a diplomat at this level, but in some ways it is also a postgraduate job. This type of final thesis is more comprehensive than it is in the master thesis, it is usually processed in the last year of the MBA study program of the university or already during its course. The elaboration of this type of work is formally embedded in the internal regulations of the university and is an integral part of the successful defense and completion of the MBA studies at the university. In MBA programs, there is a separate MBA thesis, for example with its defense, or a form of the state final examination within the MBA study.

The elaboration of the MBA is governed by the internal regulations of the respective university, but also by the valid citation standards, where the particular type of citation is also determined by the university. It is therefore necessary to familiarize yourself with the internal regulations for writing this type of work and to clarify the formal framework of the entire MBA work before the MBA work. Respecting the guidelines and internal guidelines of the college is also important for the initial administration of the work and for approving the overall concept and assignment of the MBA work that is necessary to start the MBA work. For this initial phase of elaboration of the MBA, cooperation with the MBA supervisor is necessary.

The basis of quality and successfully elaborated MBA work is the overall preparation for processing. Firstly, we select the topic of the work that is commissioned by the individual departments of the university, or the teachers of the university. In this context, however, the student’s own choice, according to his / her practical focus, which is primarily based on his / her professional and professional practice, is of fundamental importance. According to the choice of the topic we will prepare the assignment for approval by the department or university and based on the approved assignment we can start working on the MBA work. In the first phase, it is important to evaluate the resources and get the relevant resources we use at work. For example, we can use libraries to do this, or you can buy the books, or work with them in electronic databases in professional databases. Most universities have access to these databases from their internal information systems. Some information databases are also interconnected so they provide a comprehensive information resource. There are also significant internal sources of business practice, especially the selected company whose corporate problems are solved in the practical part of the MBA. It should be emphasized that these problems are mainly due to the company practice of the chosen company.

Subsequent elaboration of the MBA work should be done after studying the resources for work, but also after clarifying how you will look at the MBA curriculum and what we want to solve in the MBA, ie, what will we set the goals of the work, its methodology, or what research questions, etc. The direction of these questions, goals and methodology is mainly focused on business practice, which prevails over the theoretical basis in the MBA thesis, which is also a significant difference from the bachelor’s or master’s thesis. The work itself is also a rather complicated process, which is suitable, for example, in cooperation with the MBA supervisor, to plan for the entire planned time of work, together with check dates, in which the ongoing work on the MBA work will be evaluated and the defects removed. MBA work deficiencies that occurred during processing. This applies, in particular, to the preparation of proposals for corporate practice and related work on the practical part of the MBA thesis. Similarly, at this stage there is room for consultation with the MBA supervisor, which is ultimately positively evaluated in relation to the overall assessment of the supervisor, as an active approach to the work and this active approach is always advisable.

It is also appropriate that the MBA work at least partially corresponds to the requirements of the company for which it is being processed, such as formulation of a business strategy, formulation of a personnel strategy of the company, etc. As mentioned above, it is also possible to choose your own MBA topic, which is basically, the MBA has a substantial requirement, but it is first necessary to consult this own topic with the MBA supervisor to avoid problems with accepting your own MBA topic. It is not recommended to elaborate your own MBA topic without prior approval, but in MBA work, but the elaboration of your own topic is mostly focused on the company’s practice and student experience. The reason for choosing your own MBA topic is usually practical with regard to the fact that the student deals with the topic in practice, or focuses on their job position, etc.

Collaboration with an MBA supervisor should be done at the moment of the assignment, because the supervisor must approve this assignment at least in the basic framework. Therefore, it should be consistent with both the MBA supervisor’s expectations and the student’s expectations. The structure of the MBA work could be formulated as follows, the basis is the introduction, the aim and methodology of the work, the formulation of objectives, or hypotheses and conclusion. In the introduction of the thesis, the choice of the topic of the thesis is justified and the main benefits of the work are evaluated at the end of the thesis. Objectives and methodology of the work contain the main and sub-formulated goals of the MBA work, as well as the methods and information resources that were used for processing. Declaration of used sources in the form of their list is presented after the conclusion of the work in the list of used literature. The overall scope of MBA work ranges to a greater extent, from 50 to 100 pages of plain text, without formal requirements, but the scope of MBA work can be, in individual cases, individual, ie MBA work can be even more extensive in scope. As already mentioned, the corporate benefits and aspects of the problem must be taken into account and highlighted.

The MBA thesis then contains two essential parts, namely the theoretical part of the thesis, where the theoretical knowledge of the given problem is summarized, based on the study of professional resources, and then it is the theoretical part of the thesis, where the practical aspects of the problems from the theoretical part of the application work are elaborated on a specific problem, on a particular company, etc. LLM works are expected to have a substantial contribution to the work, which is higher than that of a LLM or a thesis. This own deposit should be included mainly in the practical part of the work, namely by application to a specific problem that solves the practical requirements of the selected company. The ratio of the individual parts of the thesis is predominantly for the practical part of the thesis, which should cover about 70-80% of the entire MBA work, but it should be emphasized that it is again very individual and depends on many processing circumstances and especially on the MBA itself work. Here in this context, the focus of this type of work is legally focused on solving a particular problem.

In LLM work, the student, as well as in MBA work, has to prove his / her ability to do scientific work and to actively apply this knowledge to business practice, namely to formulate concrete conclusions and recommendations in the practical part of MBA work. Whether by proposing a solution to a problem, or by conducting empirical surveys, questionnaire surveys, analyzing internal company documents, etc. It is also necessary for the student to be able to demonstrate a deeper knowledge of the solved legal topic along with the ability to acquire and evaluate information. Proper application of MBA professional issues is also essential, along with respect and application of formal requirements. All these activities are then directed to the preparation and submission of the completed MBA work, which is then intended for defense, in the case of a positive evaluation of the supervisor and the MBA opponent. In this context, it should be noted that the student has to prove the actual practical overlap of acquired and applied knowledge into the practice of the chosen company.

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